Home Selling Tips

Is now the time to sell a home? One of the key factors many home sellers want to know is how long it will take to sell their home. Many factors play a role in this, of course, including the condition of the home, its location, and its price. However, there are steps you can take as a homeowner to make your home more sales-worthy. The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors’ research indicates it took homes, on average, 66 days from listing to selling. That is a slight increase from the previous year, which shows there is significant competition present in the market. What can you do to sell your home faster?

How to Ensure Your Home Is Impressing Would-Be Buyers

Shining it up and allowing the very best features of it to stand out is essential. Your first step should be to work with your local real estate agent. He or she can provide very specific steps you can take to make sure your home sells quickly. Then, incorporate these tips as well.

Maximize Light in the Space

Ensure your home maximizes the amount of light coming into it. Light is refreshing and it helps to make a space look larger, more homey, and more welcoming. Maximize natural light whenever possible by opening up window shades. However, if the view out that window is lacking, focus on interior lighting sources. Dark hallways or corners of the room are distracting.

Minimize the Furnishings in Your Space

Do you really need all of the furniture in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen? Keeping it to a minimal level, what would be suitable for the space, is ideal. For example, if your living room has multiple seating areas and tables, removing a few of them opens up the space. Now, it is more clearly defined and, even more importantly, it feels larger. Choose furniture for the space that’s the right size for it, or move that furniture out for now.

Organize All Spaces

Work through your home one closet at a time to ensure it is fully organized. Cabinetry and closets will likely be opened by the would-be buyer. By decluttering and cleaning out spaces, you’ll ensure there is ample room. Again, home buyers want space of all types. Creating the illusion of more space can help sell your home faster.

The Question of Painting

Work with your real estate agent to make key decisions on painting your home. When you paint, consider the following first:

  • If walls are dirty or scuffed significantly, painting can help to create a more vibrant, newer looking space. If the walls are in good condition overall, it may not be beneficial.
  • When you plan to paint, turn to a professional to ensure it is done very well. Not ensuring the details, such as the trim work, is done, will impact your bottom line.
  • Paint with the right color. Neutral colors are best. Keep shades as light as possible to ensure buyers who do not like it, can easily paint over it. Avoid feature walls or bright pops of color because not everyone appreciates this.

Paint with the help of your agent. Let your agent guide you in making these decisions both for interior and exterior projects.

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Being proactive can really help your home to shine. Have a third-party provider complete a home inspection for you. You can use this inspection as a key component of the sales price. If there are areas of concern, address them now. That way, the buyer sees your home as an easy, valuable investment.

Bigger Projects

Work with your agent to determine if renovating spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom is a good idea. In many homes, outdated fixtures are a concern, but you may not get 100 percent of your investment back. However, when selling fast matters and these areas are problematic, it may be wise to make the change.

Selling your home fast can be possible if you home is priced right, in good condition, and marketed well. Choose a local real estate agent that knows the market well enough to help you see interest right away.