Sold in the first weekend! – 4852 Eisenhower Ave #339, Alexandria, VA 22333

Who says condos are difficult to sell? We just sold this beautiful condo near Van Dorn Metro in Alexandria in 4 days for full asking price!

The average days on market in the neighborhood is over 66 days… We did it in only 4!

We negotiated for the seller; no concessions, no fees, and no home inspection repairs after the contract. We were able to close on time and for exactly what we were asking. We also received 2 additional months rent back to accommodate the seller’s next move. WOOHOO!

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Dining Area 4852 EISENHOWER AVE #339

Dining Area

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Bedroom 14852 EISENHOWER AVE #339




Listing Your Home The Right Way

This success story does not happen on it’s own. We work very hard to get this outcome for our sellers. With our team of experienced agents and marketers, it’s not rare the perfect offer comes in on your home for exactly what you wanted. Not many real estate agents can say that.

So how did this perfect offer come in knowing exactly what the seller wanted? It took some proactive negotiation by us as the seller’s representative to get this offer. We don’t list the home and sit back in wait, NO WAY!  We hustle our butts off for our clients!

If it wasn’t for our proactive approach, I honestly think this home would have sold for a lower price, at a undesirable closing date, with an unknown title company, and possibly asking for additional closing cost and fees to the seller. Thanks to the Kevin Bailey Team’s experience we were able to proactively address these items to make sure the offer was going to be a win-win for everyone from the start.

Have you had the fear that your home will sit on the market for months before selling? Having showing after showing that disrupts your life? Having to clean and be out of the house for hours at a time is a real pain that we understand homeowners have to deal with. This can be stressful and takes a toll on everyone. Even in a hot market, homes not marketed properly will sit idle on the market for months.

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Kitchen 4852 EISENHOWER AVE #339


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Balcony 4852 EISENHOWER AVE #339




Wondering If All Agents Are The Same?

We hope you make the right decision to sell your home with us. For example, I drive by a home everyday on my way to the office. This house has been sitting for over 6 months with a for sale sign on it. This very nice single family home built in the last 15 years and listed in the 700s. It should have sold already, they reduced the price almost 100k! Two neighbors sold around them on the same street but yet their home sits unsold… why? It is simply because they hired the wrong person who did not know how to sell. They did not do the work needed to sell. They did not take a proactive approach to selling. There is no way around hard work and an experienced listing agent’s ability to negotiate an offer.

We market to all buyers interested in your home and spend a good amount of our days on the phone getting your home sold. Want to know how to get your home sold in 4 days for full asking price just like this home? Contact us and tell us about the home you need to sell.


Front 4852 EISENHOWER AVE #339