A Picture Might Be Worth…Full Price!

Effectively marketing listings to maximize the exposure to buyers is always the goal when working toward getting a seller’s home sold. One of the most important factors in my opinion are the listing photos. Having breathtaking pictures can escalate your property to the top of a buyer’s list, entice a showing & attract the absolute best offer for your client. Utilizing a professional photography company to accurately capture our listings has become a major key to our success.

The company we use provides HDR photography (High Dynamic Range) that produces a depth & feel to our listing pictures allowing prospective buyers to visualize themselves in the space & sell themselves on the thought of living there.

Our photographer also has the ability to shoot twilight & aerial pictures if we feel that the property would benefit (i.e. has great outdoor amenities, backs to a golf course or lake, etc). These photos often carry an emotion & tell a visual story of what living at the property would actually be like.


Great Exterior Photos

Great photos aren’t only for the buyers. We showcase them on our listing appointments to show prospective sellers just how much attention & thought we put into how we present our listings to the market.

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Great Interior Photos

The interior photos are just as important. In the photo above, the view is in perfect focus from the front to the back. The light is evenly spread with no dark spots in the back. Even the view out of the windows are in focus so you can see the trees and plants. The one photo takes a lot of time and some very expensive equipment to deliver professional results like this.


Kevin Bailey Team Tip: Quality Should Never Be Sacrificed

I understand that sometimes sellers need to go on the market NOW and there is no time to wait on a professional photography company. For these situations, we invested in a DSLR camera & an external flash we can use. With minimal training & cost, we are able to provide our sellers with high-quality placeholder pictures for our MLS while we wait for the permanent pictures from the professionals.

 There is no substitute for great property photos. Contact us about professional photographers, even if you use us or not to sell your home. This is the first step to a successful home sale.