Top 5 Renovation To Add Value Before Listing Your Home

You’ve made the big decision to put your home on the market. You know the Northern Virginia real estate market is ideally suited to sell quickly and at potentially higher value than homes sold for in recent years. You still have a few weeks before you need to list to take advantage of the spring market though. In that timeframe, it may be a good idea to invest in a few home renovations to boost your home’s value, have more interested buyers, and even help to sell your home faster.

Where You’ll Get the Best Return

When doing home renovations for boosting value, think as a buyer, not a seller. Ensure any modification you do creates a neutral space or upgrades a space in a modern way. Renovations that are too trendy or very specific to a special need can be seen as a problem to buyers who aren’t interested in that feature. Instead, focus on these five areas first.

#1: Improve the Kitchen

The kitchen is likely the biggest area of potential benefit. If the kitchen is in poor condition, older, or has non-working components, fix them and upgrade. That doesn’t mean you need to gut the kitchen and start over. Reface cabinets if they are in beat-up condition. Add a fresh coat of paint to get rid of greasy walls. Clean or replace tiling or backsplashes. In some cases, you can earn a return of 80 to 100 percent of the investment back in your sale.

#2: Upgrade the Bathroom

If you spend $500 to $1000 on upgrading the bathroom in a home, you can turn that around into profit on the home sale. Most upgrades to the bathroom can achieve a near 100 percent return if done well. Focus on upgrades that add function and a clean look rather than trendy features. In other words, replace the toilet, upgrade to a bathtub with a Jacuzzi tub, add better or more modern lighting, and replace the vanity.

#3: Boost Curb Appeal

Get more people in the door to see your home by improving your curb appeal. This doesn’t have to be a large expense if it isn’t necessary. A good step to take is to look at the homes nearby. And, then, consider the following types of upgrades or repairs:

  • If the siding is worn or in poor condition, consider replacing it with new vinyl siding. Energy-efficient siding can be a nice selling point to buyers.
  • Ensure the trees and shrubs are cut and trimmed back to create a clean look.
  • Add fertilizer to the grass to green it up and create a nice view.
  • If you have decking or a patio, ensure it is clutter free but in good overall condition. Consider the addition of a few flowering plants or even a small table and chair to create an inviting space.
  • Ensure the garage door is in good condition and doesn’t need to be painted.


#4: Focus on Flooring

A dirty carpet is sure to have people running out the door. Hardwood that’s in poor condition can be a problem, too. The key to flooring upgrades is to ensure you are making a decision that’s worthwhile. If you need to replace carpeting because it is dirty and stained, do so. Replacing hardwood isn’t likely to offer the same payback. Instead, consider fixing damaged areas.

#5: Paint

It’s the easiest way to create a modern look in your home. Stick with an overall neutral color and use it in most areas of the home. Avoid bright colors or those that are hard to paint over. Ensure any painting work you do is done professionally with every baseboard and window sill clear of any type of paint.

Still unsure what you should do to get the highest price for your home this spring? Talk to your real estate agent. Our Northern Virginia agents know what home buyers want and are sure to help you make the best decisions about the investments you make. Be open to suggestions such as de-cluttering or keeping toys at bay. It’s these types of renovations that can boost your home’s value and get it sold faster.